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11-50 Employees

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eLEARMENT is an eLearning Development company that is expert in creating interactive courses and trainings using distinguished methods in order to enhance skills and boost productivity in society by using the latest technology combined with creative instructional design. From its profound and conceptual understanding of e-learning as providing up to date and sophisticated means to clarify an abstract educational concept by finding the appropriate way to simplify and facilitate comprehending that concept; eLEARMENT aims to offer learners, whether they are studying in schools, universities or working in companies, educational courses in a new and exciting approach that engages them in the learning process to have a deep understanding of scientific concepts instead of memorizing them to pass exams and get certified. So eLEARMENT has developed an integrated system serving its methodology to build shared interactive libraries for students and employees; starting from creating the courses and ending with publishing them online




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