Out with the old
In with the new

Because we are not in the stone age anymore, dinosaurs do not exist and paper CVs had died out.

Are you still looking for ways to write a professional curriculum vitae? Do you believe that your curriculum vitae, although written professionally and creatively, does not accurately reflect your competencies and more importantly, your personality? The answer to all of these questions is probably yes.

Living in a fast and digitalized world, one is still trying to jump on the bandwagon. With so many platforms, applications and websites to enhance your career goals, you are more likely to get confused when choosing between these methods to develop a professional CV. Do not worry, it is never too late. With Cazador platform, the decision is a no-brainer. Technology and human capital professionals gathered to make a revolution in the world of recruitment. Cazador is now digitizing and easing our world, making the hiring process like falling off a log for both job seekers and recruiters.

Cazador is a platform which gives candidates the chance to express their competencies and career aspirations for companies and employers in a 30-second video.

We all care about first impression; this is why some people get initially selected for a job. Cazador makes sure that you present yourself professionally and talk about your qualifications and achievements alive. No need for traditional CV-writing websites, Microsoft Word and PDF files anymore!

Cazador gives job seekers the chance to showcase their talent by creating their own 30 second video-CV. Not only it helps job seekers find their dream job, but it also makes the hiring process easy for HR professionals and managers. Cazador does all the hiring work for you, helping your HR employees do more beneficial tasks related to developing employees and enhancing the growth of your company. It can significantly improve your HR function by aiding you in the process of finding, recruiting and retaining employees.

Job seekers can now guarantee that they have passed their first interview! Companies and organizations can now watch your video-CV and contact you to set up a second interview! Do not waste your time, money or efforts on job interviews.

Cazador helps you record your own 30 second video-CV for free by employing cutting-edge technology to tell employers why they should hire you. Make your personality paperless and more human by shooting your video-CV with Cazador.

Today, the decision is yours to get your dream job. Use your mobile device to access a world of opportunities through Cazador. Make your 30 seconds video-CV speak about your competencies- a process that is cost-effective, efficient and easy. Leave your mark on the world now by joining a huge network of professionals, employers and job seekers.

Cazador means “more than one door” in Arabic and “hunter” in Spanish.

This is exactly what this platform is doing; help companies and organizations find and recruit top talent from the workforce and open more than one door for job seekers by finding the best job which matches with their qualifications and expectations.

Founded in 2017 by human capital and technology professionals, Cazador is now changing the world of recruitment.