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Zain Jordan

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1001 5000 Employees

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Zain Jordan is the leading telecommunications company in Jordan. We completely revolutionized telecommunications back in 1995 when we became the first company to introduce mobile services to the country. Since then, our customers have continued to enjoy the latest in leading edge technology. Today, about 60% of the Jordanian population trust Zain Jordan as their preferred telecom provider, and we have them covered – in fact we cover the entire populated area of Jordan – through over 6000 cell phone towers, providing the most comprehensive coverage in the Kingdom. In 2014, we reaffirmed our position as industry leader when we rolled out 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution), a technology aimed at providing previously unheard of data speeds of up to 150 MB per second. By 2015, we achieved our goal of covering all regions of the Kingdom with 4G LTE. Zain Jordan was the first provider of mobile financial services with “Zain Cash”, aimed at easing financial burden and fostering inclusion by providing a mobile wallet to 1.5 million people in Jordan who would otherwise not have access to banking services. We were also pioneers in bringing customers FTTH technology (Fiber to the Home), replacing traditional copper cables with fiber optics which are able to carry much more data over longer distances, thereby offering our customers exceptional bandwidth and faster, more reliable internet. Zain Jordan is considered a key economic driver, providing a positive working environment for over one thousand employees and generating thousands more indirect jobs. Zain Jordan is also a major supporter of community initiatives across the Kingdom as part of its pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility approach, providing technical and financial support across a range of sectors including education, youth, health, sports, environment and philanthropy. We also strongly believe in entrepreneurship, which led us to inaugurating ZINC, or Zain Innovation Campus, in 2014, a platform that supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem through various initiatives and programs targeting youth, entrepreneurs and startups. Since inception, ZINC has established over 100 strategic partners and run more than 1,560 events, adding up to a benefit for roughly 67,000 youth and startups. ZINC is the first campus of its kind in Jordan, and is a testament to Zain’s investment and interest in fostering creativity and ambitious entrepreneurship.


Our founding mission has always been to connect people and find humanity in technology. It’s at the heart of what we do. Running parallel with this is innovation - our backbone. By harnessing innovation we are able to provide customers with simple, yet effective experiences, through understanding customers’ needs and going beyond their expectations. Whether it’s our customers or employees, we understand that it’s people who create the link between business and technology. Zain Jordan’s building blocks are based on creating these experiences – we put people at the heart of everything we do. From customer experience to talent development, by adopting a human-centered approach, we can develop a sustainable and flexible operational effectiveness. This is our mantra. We are dedicated to pursue digital frontiers and foster innovation, in the context of its business-to-business services and products, is driving ongoing improvement for all stakeholders.


As per above Vision


Heart: a company with the courage to make the choices that make this a better world. Radiance: a company that puts inspiration at the center of its powerful leadership. Unity: a company that breaks down boundaries and brings people together.
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