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Human Resources
Company Type
Privately Held
Company Size
2-10 Employees

About the Company

Doroob" wasfirst found at the beginning of 2017. Wewill be working with you, God willing, as a leader and a partner who specializesin providing consulting services related to human resources through a specialized team which has a vast experience in this area. Inaddition to that we will be continuing to expand our business to include all services related to HR. This project was developed in order to keep up with changes in the labor market involving customer needs and expectations. Feedback from each client after each service is offered by us too. "Doroob" is to be the first choice in the field of human resources, whether for job seekers or customers who need staff and services related to personal requirements. we look forward to prosper and evolve through the provision of services and integrated solutions with the support of our network WAN partners in the Middle East and East Asian countries for endodontic needs in the field of human resource


We at "Doroob" sought to Excellency in the field of human resources and look to achieve high and advanced levels with our customers and customer deployed services in many Middle Eastern countries, especially the Gulf Arab region, where we are in the


we support our customers different array of training programs that we design, coordinate and implement under the supervision of specialists and experts with long experience in training programs and in cooperation with a prestigious group of universities, institutes and specialized centers honored in training and skills development sector which is required by the local and international labor market or at the request and desire in cooperation with our customers to raise the skills of the candidates and their training before joining their job