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Shababeek Center

Education, Training, and Library
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Educational Institution
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11-50 Employees

About the Company

Shababeek is a Language Participation and Inter-Cultural Development center who invests in and equips people who are new to the Middle East. We facilitate deep interaction in order to apprentice foreigners into their new life – As people enter a new culture they must relearn the world they are joining. ( Windows into a new world )


Our center is unique because it is a place where Arab culture is highly regarded and valued and where teachability and listening pave the path to meaningful participation. We are not simply a center to learn Arabic. Our program provides the cultural coaching necessary for people to passionately discover a new world in which Arabic is one aspect of that realm; not held as something to simply be acquired, but instead, a tool that makes healing and peace possible. We believe our attitudes are contagious and therefore mentor students to approach this vision with a posture of humility and suspension of judgement. By doing this we become a space to combat negative stereotypes and misperceptions in order for walls of misunderstanding to be torn down.


When you learn Arabic, you’re not just learning a language. You’re learning about a culture that spans thousands of years, two continents, and is shared by over 400 million people. At Shababeek, we believe entering the local community is the most effective way to learn a language. Creating connections and friendships, having new experiences and becoming a part of the culture: All will motivate you to learn Arabic rapidly. As such, we integrate language development alongside cross-cultural growth in our sessions. All of our materials are tailored towards showing you how to live fully in the Arab World, preparing you for the most basic to the most advanced contexts. Our Jordanian staff will guide you in your journey in understanding the local culture and will allow you to see Jordan and the Middle East through their eyes. From day one only Arabic is used in sessions. You will journey through our six-phase program, starting with simple activities to develop comprehension, creating visual narratives and learning to story-tell. Eventually you will communicate deeply with locals to understand their experiences and culture. Finally, you will be able to understand Arabs even when they speak among themselves


Value : Communication - Improvement & Development-   Professional-  Respect - patience - Safe place-  Integrity
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